Why Do I Write?

I have asked myself this question many times and I always come up with the same answer … I love what I do and there appears to be no end to what my imagination can create when it comes to fantasy/sci-fi. I absolutely immerse myself in the worlds and characters I write about. I actually visualise myself being there in those worlds and I feel exactly what my protagonist feels. I love the way they love, I sense what they are feeling, maybe that’s why readers relate so well to my characters and the settings depicted in my writings.

I have a very busy and fulfilling life beyond my writing, but the scenes and characters within the pages always draws me back giving me a sense of belonging unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my day to day existence.

You may not think magic is real, but I do and I have tried to capture that in the pages of my work. I do hope you feel the same as you begin the journey through my books.