What’s wrong with the publishing world?

Hi, been a while but I’m back. Life, as it does, has eaten up my time once again and the priorities I set for myself (such as writing this blog) have yet again slipped by without me realising it. As the title suggests I’m pretty much fed up with main stream publishing world. Why can’t they recognise talent when its staring them in the face? I can write. I actually write far better than many of the authors these houses are promoting and yet I can’t get a finger through the door, let alone a foot.

I read all the time (trying to better my skills as a writer) but nine out of ten times I simply cannot figure how these editors, publishers etc pass me over for the writers they are promoting. I’m now on my seventh and eighth manuscript. My stories are good, solid works, with characters that actually come across as real. So why can’t I even get an interview or at least an encouraging letter spelling out why I’m  constantly being overlooked for others whose works aren’t even half as creative as mine?

Anyway that’s my gripe for the day. Hopefully it won’t take me so long to get my fingers on the keyboard and blog some more.

Cheers everyone. Love my readers.