At Last I’m Back

Yes, I know its been a number of years since my readers have heard from me, but I’m sure you will understand that time waits for no writer.

My husband and I brought a farm. Yes, crazy I know. So my time has been taken up with raising mini goats, which are rather delightful creatures and I’m sure if any of you out there have ever had the pleasure of cuddling one you would understand.

However, I have not gone completely mad and have managed to get some writing done in between the goats and the many laborious hours spent getting this farm in order.

I’ve  completed two novels since “The Immortals” series . First manuscript is entitled “She-Wolf” which is a stand alone novel. The blurb for this will be on the website shortly and hopefully available on eBook soon.

I have completed the first manuscript in a series I’ve entitled “Oracor, Gift of Dragons” first book entitled “Sorcerer’s Seduction”. Still editing, but hopefully by June this too will be available on eBook.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from anyone who would like a free copy of “She-Wolf”. At this stage it’s only available in PDF.