Pathway of the Gods


Pathway of the Gods

The Immortals: Pathway of the Gods

The folly of the Immortals is portrayed in this epic tale of greed, lust and deception.

Follow Thea, Queen and High Priestess of Asserian, a world dominated by females, as she makes a journey of discovery through the Pathway of the Gods.

When Ommran, son of the Immortals, and his horde of men invade Asserian, Thea's world is torn apart as evil threatens to destroy all that is good.  With help from an unlikely source, Thea escapes taking with her a secret, one that is the key to saving the worlds of the Immortals from the vileness and depravity of a dark and evil presence.  As Thea uncovers the mysteries secreted within the Pathway, she finds the strength needed to save her people, but what will it cost her?

Meet Theron, Ommran's brother, who has made a life for himself amidst the legacies of battle weary men on the world of Romanie.  It is a life he loves, but can he overcome the guilt of betraying Azrah, the Goddess Immortal, to justify his duplicity?

Death and uncertainty stalk those who befriend Theron as evil edges ever closer to the worlds created by the Immortals.