Pathway of the Gods

The Immortals: Pathway of the Gods

The folly of the Immortals is portrayed in this epic tale of greed, lust and deception.

Follow Thea, Queen and High Priestess of Asserian, a world dominated by females, as she makes a journey of discovery through the Pathway of the Gods.   READ MORE »

I enjoyed it so much I was so sad when I read the last page.  Then I had to wait for the second book with great anticipation.  Reading this book was pure escape into a wonderful world.  So believable one forgets it's a fantasy.
- Ilana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

This lady has the most fantastic imagination.  Her books are full of intrigue.
- Carol, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

From the moment I started this book, until I finished the last page I couldn't put it down.  I felt I knew the characters personally and couldn't wait to find out what happens to them all throughout the book - highly recommended!  Expect a few late nights as this book is a real page turner!
- Fiona, Cairns, Queensland

A unique story that kept me hooked right until the last book.  Highly recommend to all paranormal/fantasy readers out there.
- Meaghan, Australia

I loved it. I was transported to another place every time I picked it up.  Amazing.
- Michelle, Australia

I bought Pathway of the Gods expecting something completely different yet once I started reading the book I could not put it down.  Such a colourful exciting path developed while reading I had to keep going to find where this would lead me, always enticing to find the next twist.
- Martin, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Fantasy has never been a genre I have enjoyed until I was introduced to Pathway of the Gods.  Thanks to J.R. Mitchell for creating such clever and engaging characters.  I am a Big Fan!
- Michelle, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

What a great imagination, interesting characters and a story line that keeps you turning the pages.
- Diane, Brisbane, Queensland

What a storyline!  The passion and imagination of the writer is immediately obvious and the journey the book takes you on is one of a kind.  Thanks for introducing me to the world of fantasy.
- Michelle, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The clever thing about this book is the fact that the lives of the characters are so cleverly woven into the story.  Makes for great drama and character.  You feel for them as they endure everything that is going on around them.
- Nigel, Maroochydore, Queensland

I was never the avid reader but I found this to be a very captivating book.  I enjoyed getting to know the characters and loved that it was unique in every way.
- Nikki, Brisbane, Queensland

Pathway of the Gods is a fantastic book, full of imagination and intrigue.  I couldn't put it down.  Loved it ☺
- Kaiti, Australia