Gathering of the Gods


Gathering of the Gods

The Immortals: Gathering of the Gods

Continue the journey of the Immortals in the final book of this exciting trilogy.  As you do you will discover the mystery of how it all began.

This is a tale as old as time itself and as the truth is revealed, the Gods learn of the hatred and mistrust which is about to wreak havoc upon their worlds.  Can good defeat evil?  Or will evil prevail?  As this trilogy draws to a close there are those who must deliver the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep the game alive.

Follow Ommran on his quest for redemption as he chased his one true love Azrah, the Goddess Immortal.  Will he find her?  Will she accept his love?  Can he grant pardon to those who cast him adrift as an infant?  There is much he must forgive, but will his desire for revenge be stronger than his desire for love and acceptance?

As Zadus gathers his apocalyptic army behind him, threatening to destroy those he has sworn revenge upon, he brings devastation to the world of Sansinus.  However, for him to achieve his ultimate goal he must procure the keys and destroy the Goddess before she can deliver the last enchantment.

For Ore'arn and young Sirus they must learn to trust in each other, for in their love the worlds will find peace and the Gods rest.