Gathering of the Gods

The Immortals: Gathering of the Gods

Continue the journey of the Immortals in the final book of this exciting trilogy.  As you do you will discover the mystery of how it all began.

This is a tale as old as time itself and as the truth is revealed, the Gods learn of the hatred and mistrust which is about to wreak havoc upon their worlds.  Can good defeat evil?  Or will evil prevail?   READ MORE »

I was loaned this trilogy from a friend and what an amazing read!  I was captivated from start to end - ENCORE!
- Tammy, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

After reading the first chapter I thought, "Jo, where are you taking me now?"  But gradually as I read into the plot I felt the plot thicken.  The characters re-shuffle and take even more upon themselves.  Jo is truly a forward thinker.  She knew the last word written in this book when she started the story in Pathway of the Gods.  What a wonderful story teller.
- Ilana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

At my age of 75yrs there is little left to surprise me or for that matter stretch my imagination but there you go, J.R. Mitchell has been able to somehow get me to pick up the trilogy story and read all 3 books, to find out how that all could be so, science and fiction plus fantasy have spun that web of intrigue, and hooked me.
- Phillip, Southport, Queensland

What a fantastic ending to a fascinating series.  Loved every minute of it.  Hope to read more from this wonderful author in the near future.
- Carol, Buddina, Queensland

I have now finished the final book in the series and I loved it, some of the twists you least expect and it will keep you in suspense throughout.  It's great to read the conclusion of this series which I was eagerly awaiting, the only downfall is that I didn't want it to end, I WANT MORE!  Can't wait for the next ones...
- Fiona, Cairns, Queensland

I couldn't wait to get the last book and I'm still reading.  It is so wonderful, I love the characters and the way I see the visions of the worlds described in the book and I'm enjoying it.
- Michelle, Australia

This last book in the trilogy is the ultimate ending.  You actually can see what is evolving as you put yourself in the characters roles.  I have never enjoyed reading these books so much.  Jo you have done an absolutely fabulous job.  Cant wait for more from you in the near future.
- Barb, Maroochydore, Queensland

Apart from the hours of joy and excitement I got through these books I have found a lasting experience/change; as I young boy I did not read a book - I experienced it in vision!  I lost this capacity during my education in high school.  Later in life I found a need to regain this capacity and I paid big money for educational material in this field without result.  During my reading of this Trilogy I found I was again "seeing" the story evolve.  I got through the book what I had been looking for - my old capacity to visualise!
- Martin, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Engaging, captivating, unpredictable, empowering - what more could you possibly ask of a writer.  This series is a triumph!  I wait in anticipation for her next books to become available.
- Michelle, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The plot is revealed, questions are answered, and lives are changed forever.  The skill with which this trilogy was crafted is impressive, and the final book lives up to the first two.  A strong story full of character and plot.  An excellent and rewarding conclusion.
- Nigel, Maroochydore, Queensland

Perfect ending to a great trilogy.  I loved how this book gave an explanation for everything that had happened in the first books - by the time you reach the end of the book you feel a great satisfaction.  Reading these books have given me a new found love for reading.  Thanks so much.
- Nikki, Brisbane, Queensland

Unpredictable to the end, an incredible trilogy.  I absolutely loved the Gathering of the Gods.  There is something for everyone who reads the trilogy: it's exciting and wonderful and leaves you wanting more, more, more from this new exciting writer.  I can't wait for her next books.
- Kaiti, Sunshine Coast, Queensland