Awakening of the Gods


Awakening of the Gods

The Immortals: Awakening of the Gods

This sequel is exciting, it's thrilling, its captivating, its everything you expect and wish for in an epic tale.

As the battle for supremacy of the worlds begins in earnest, Zadus the Master of the Dark Force rises, and as Asserian crumbles under his evil influence, hope rises from the ashes.  Does Ommran have the strength and willpower to fight his inner demons and win the battle against evil or will he succumb and forfeit his life?

On the world of Romanie, as young Sirus and Ore'arn reach adolescence they too learn of the legacy of their births and the ramifications of what that means for mankind and the Gods.

Lies, betrayal, intrigue and death stalk these youngsters and those who guard them, yet amongst the uncertainty and desperation there is hope.  For these youngsters there is no place to hide from those who seek the "keys", and so as their journey takes them through the Pathway they search for the truth and absolution.