Awakening of the Gods


Pathway of the Gods

The Immortals: Pathway of the Gods

The folly of the Immortals is portrayed in this epic tale of greed, lust and deception.

Follow Thea, Queen and High Priestess of Asserian, a world dominated by females, as she makes a journey of discovery through the Pathway of the Gods.   READ MORE »

 Awakening of the Gods

The Immortals: Awakening of the Gods

This sequel is exciting, it's thrilling, its captivating, its everything you expect and wish for in an epic tale.

As the battle for supremacy of the worlds begins in earnest, Zadus the Master of the Dark Force rises, and as Asserian crumbles under his evil influence, hope rises from the ashes.  Does Ommran have the strength and willpower to fight his inner demons and win the battle against evil or will he succumb and forfeit his life?   READ MORE »

 Gathering of the Gods

The Immortals: Gathering of the Gods

Continue the journey of the Immortals in the final book of this exciting trilogy.  As you do you will discover the mystery of how it all began.

This is a tale as old as time itself and as the truth is revealed, the Gods learn of the hatred and mistrust which is about to wreak havoc upon their worlds.  Can good defeat evil?  Or will evil prevail?  As this trilogy draws to a close there are those who must deliver the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep the game alive.   READ MORE »


After suffering taunts and abuse by her peers and others as a small child, Accalia's mother is forced into taking her to live in an isolated part of the Hinterland in Queensland's Gold Coast.  There Accalia is raised in obscurity, amidst tropical rain forests and Australia's unique fauna and flora.  It is here that unusual friends seek her out.

From the moment the sun rises on the morning of her eighteenth birthday Accalia is in extreme danger, pursued by evil which threatens to destroy those closest to her.  When her mother Jenna discloses the truth about Accalia's birth, she is not prepared for what that truth will deliver.   READ MORE »