After suffering taunts and abuse by her peers and others as a small child, Accalia's mother is forced into taking her to live in an isolated part of the Hinterland in Queensland's Gold Coast.  There Accalia is raised in obscurity, amidst tropical rain forests and Australia's unique fauna and flora.  It is here that unusual friends seek her out.

From the moment the sun rises on the morning of her eighteenth birthday Accalia is in extreme danger, pursued by evil which threatens to destroy those closest to her.  When her mother Jenna discloses the truth about Accalia's birth, she is not prepared for what that truth will deliver.

Her quest to discover the truth takes her to the United Kingdom where she meets Porteous, an aged bank teller who helps her in her quest to find what she is looking for.  Is Porteous a simple bank teller or something far more cryptic?

There are those who would help her in her quest, but is she willing to let them assist her?  She encounters Gad, a man who she must learn to trust, a man Accalia realises she is falling deeply in love with.  As she begins to unravel the truth, Accalia learns of her past as she grapples with the Demon Lord Wanuk who is bent on destroying her and all those like her.

What she learns will lead this young woman on a voyage of discovery, one that uncovers an ancient civilisation so old its foundations begin before the time of man.